BI/Data Engineering Services Provider

About me

I don’t know everything but I know how to use Google, product documentation and other people blog to complete tasks within allocated time.

BI Solution Architect, BI Engineer, Data Engineer, BI Consultant, Data Scientist providing innovative BI Solutions fusing cloud and on-premise technologies to achieve organizational reporting and analytics goals.

With expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL/ELT development, and support and new technology implementation to support growth while enhancing the bottom line, companies that typically hire me:
• To design and build efficient decision-making solutions for enterprises.
• For the full life cycle development, implementation, production support, and performance tuning of the Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Mart, and Business Intelligence Reporting environments.
• For querying data, developing reports/dashboards according to business user requirements.
• To make the process of extraction, transfer, and loading (ETL) of data easier and automated.
• May be missing revenue opportunities using cloud technologies.

With years of leading and supporting Business Intelligence initiatives, I can:
• Serve by promoting clarity and efficiency in using data to drive decision-making.
• Provide data that is accurate, congruent, and reliable, and is easily accessible.
• Query and process data, provide reports, summarize, and visualize data.
• Design, build, integrate data from various resources into Data Warehouse or data lake.
• Apply statistics, machine learning, and analytic approaches to solve critical business problems
• Use cloud technologies to uncover and generate new revenue opportunities.

As part of willing to learn new skills to get the job done, I have taken time to learn and evolve my understanding by getting certified in Azure, AWS, Snowflake, Tableau and OBIEE. The certification preparation helped me understand the features and capabilities of the respective solutions.

You can reach me via e-mail: